Thursday, June 20, 2013

Procedural Writing 2 ( How to Score a try)

List of Materials
You'll Need these things
1. Rugby Ball
2.  A Person
3. And a Try line.
5. And a Field
Step By Step Guide to get a try!!
Step 1. Catch The Rugby Ball From Team Mate
Step 2.  Then Run with it.
Step 3. Check if your near the Try line and not getting tackles.
Step 4. Stepping through the Opposition. 
Step 5. Then get near The try and pass it to your team mate.
Step 6. 


  1. Sela
    We are also looking at procedural writing with our class of students at the moment. If it is okay with you I'd like to use an example of your procedural writing with my class of students next week for our writing activity (I need more than one so I will probably try and find another one from one of your pages or I may take two from you). The boys will definitely enjoy the rugby one because I have some boys who like scoring tries. Some of the Girls played rugby for our school too when we had our tournament earlier this term. I will be back in contact after I have used your post next week. If you'd rather I didn't then let me know by leaving a comment on my class page.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

    1. Hello Mr Webb,

      It me Sela yeah you are allowed to use my Procedural writing. That will be so cool showing another class my work. So thank you for that Feedback. I am looking forward to reading that blogpost on your blog!!
      yours sincerely,