Thursday, May 15, 2014

How music affects your Brain?

Music. Ahhhh Calming and Relaxing. There are a many types of Music around us and the world. Like ~ R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Rap, Classical's and even more. Nowadays a lot of Teenagers enjoy listening to Rap and Pop and Hip Hop.

Impact:But the weird thing was that it could affect your Brain. Some types of Music that is from the 80’s and 70’s are what most adults like but others like what we children like.  its enjoyable and sometimes it can be sad!

Have you heard of a Hippocampus?? Well I am going to tell you about it. A Hippocampus is part of your brain that brings back old memories. Loud music can also Damage your eardrums and your hearing.

Have you heard of any artists in the world? Well I know a lot of artist and the ones I mostly like is Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Tyga! They rap and sing a lot of songs! But the best artist I enjoy listening to is Ariana Grande!

You probably didn’t notice but when you listen to music your heart beats with it. This cause could happen by,Instruments, Sound and MUSIC!! Not only music can cause this but also instruments like, Drum kits, Guitars, pianos and even more.

But the world without Music and Sound is just weird. Also BORING. Think about a party without Music. That’ll be SUPER Boring. So Thanks to Music and Sound our world is Fun.

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