Saturday, May 10, 2014

What Can I hear??

There are many sounds around us. Teenagers nowadays enjoy listening to Music because it calms people down. Around our community we hear a lot of things. A lot of cars whizzing by, yelling and also announcements.

At home the most annoying sound is my brother, cause he always got to shout, cry, laugh loud and do annoying stuff!! Especially when he talks, he talks forever and gets in trouble. And at school I hate the sounds of growling.

Also the sound of Traffic Jams. Why? Well a lot of horns going by. And also traffic going very slowly. Ugh that is truly annoying right. Trying to get through to school and work.

There are so many sounds we can here around our environment and community. Such as sounds like lots of talking, kids crying and also yelling. Around our community, we hear a lot of things. Like today I had heard that the Sydney Roosters are going to play against the West Tigers. WOAH!!

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