Friday, May 23, 2014


Sound travels through air and water. It is the fastest known “thing” in the world. Sound is a vibration, made up of the air molecules surrounding you. Music is the best type of sound. To make music, we use musical instruments. One of the most well known instruments, is the guitar.  

There are 6 strings and 12 notes on a guitar. The shape of a guitar is quite pear shaped. There are curves on each of the sides of a guitar which is a. The sound hole is a hole that controls the noise of the guitar. There is the bridge, which holds the strings.

How is sound created from a guitar?? As soon as you strum the strings, the sound will come out through the sound hole. What it does is that it reflects back with a louder sound.

On every guitar there is a neck. Which also has strings. Once you strum the strings it creates sound. There are also chords which makes the beats of the sound you want! Once you strum the strings the strings vibrates and creates noise.

Playing a guitar is Really easy.

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  1. Hi Sela!

    I like your paragraphs about the sound that comes from a guitar!Playing guitar is fun, I play the guitar as well! Keep up the fantastic work!
    <3 Hannah