Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Once Upon A Time in a town called Glen Innes. Had been so poor and so Disgusting. This town had a lot of  rubbish. There is also a polluted Creek in this town. Glen Innes has now been changed you may search it up and it is Disgusting. But those are photos from long long ago. Glen Innes is now a Green and beautiful town.

In that town had lived ducks that were just about to lay their eggs. The Mother had to lay her eggs all alone. The Father was always gone. She was going to lay 6 eggs. It had came to the next day and 5 of her eggs had hatched. There was the last egg to hatch it was so big and it was Gray.
The Mother thought that it was going to be the BEST one of them all.

She had been waiting for a long time get that duckling out. It had came to the next week and it still hadn't hatched. Mother Duck had thought to herself “ Wow I can’t take it any more sooner or later I am going to leave this egg and teach the others how to swim. Then it was Thursday and the egg had FINALLY hatched.

When it had came out the egg  was one of the most ugliest eggs I had ever seen. People had been teasing the mother of laying that egg. But it had came to a day and the egg had turned a little bit prettier. And looked normal like the others.

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