Monday, August 12, 2013

Sela And the Three Bears ( My Narrative)

Once upon a time there three bears who lived in the middle of the woods. They had woke up while the Mother Bear was making porridge. While the mother bear was making their Breakfast the father and the Son had also woke up. Then Mother Bear yelled “ Hurry up boys before your porridge is going to get cold”

As soon as they heard Mother bear yell “ hurry up” they had ran down stairs as fast as they could. It actually took them a very long time to get down stairs. It also felt like it was past an hour. They had finally got down stairs. While the porridge had already been eaten.

They had all wondered how did it get eaten so fast. “ There was a possibility?” As soon as they had seen there porridge eaten, they had went out for a walk hunting down who had eaten their porridge. It had seemed that they were making a big deal out of a PORRIDGE!!!

I had just found out that it was a mysterious girl named Sela. Who had been spying on “The Bear Family” and had hated that family for a very long time.  The place where the bears lived was actually where Sela’s family had lived.

Her family had been living there since 2009, and the bears had just moved in a couple of months ago. Sela had REALLY hated that family. She even wanted to kill one of the children.

It had came to the next day while The Bears were still looking for the Mysterious person?? While the Mother had just whispered with a red face “ It is alright we are just worrying about a Porridge I could make it everyday if you want me to” Replying with a happy face the father said “ Okay if you don’t want to make a big deal out of it then we won’t ”

Thursday night and the family was getting ready for bed. Sela had sneaked through the window and into the room. Finally she had started cracking everything breaking the mirrors and also messing their bed.

The family had finally got to their room. It was REALLY MESSY. The Family had got SO angry they have security camera’s EVERYWHERE. The Father bear had walked out of the house and yelled “ Come out come out wherever you are” And all you could see is a cat walk out of the bushes and Boom the Father had kicked it as far as the cat could go.

TO BE CONTINUED (Dunn Dunn Dunn).............

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