Thursday, August 1, 2013

Retelling The Race of the Tortoise and the Hare

Hello my name is Kent “ the SLOW Poke” I really enjoy eating plants. One of my favorite things to eat is the leaves off the Gum Tree. When it gets to races I usually come last. I don’t know why I join running Competition. I am one of the most slowest animals on the farm.

Again I do not know why I joined it. But I do not care about what other people say if I come last, unless I came something in the competition. The racing Competition is coming up and I am NOT feeling worried at the moment.

In a race I always come last. But only once I had came first, and had taken over Speedy AKA The Devil. Speedy is one of those fast animals on the farm and sometimes she can be OVER BOARD with running.

The race competition  had been postponed for today and I was quite pumped. Speedy had always thought that she would win EVERY race. So the race had started and well I was as SLOW as a snail.

I had been right behind Speedy, and it looked like she was about to go to sleep. While passing by Speedy, it looked like he had already been dead asleep!! So it looked like I was about to win.

I had already crossed the finish line and he was still sleeping. I couldn’t believe it I had beaten her again!!!!! Speedy had woke up and Crossed the finish line and yelled “ Hello is anyone there where is my prize?” Then Kent had arrived and said “ Well you lost again”

Then Kent had wandering around like a Champion. Now I really feel pumped for the next Race.  

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