Monday, April 8, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek

As part of studying Omaru Creek. Each of our Literacy Classes walked down to the Creek and tested out the Smell, Colour and the Turbidity of parts of the Lake. First we tested out the Smell and most of the parts we had smelt was a lot better from the day before just like the Colour and the Turbidity.

We had tested different parts of the stream and came with different results. There are parts like the Culvert, Near the Bridge and even in the middle of the lake. First we tested the colour from these parts and it had looked like the stream and been splitted into thirds.

It had different types of colours like from in the middle of the lake it was grey and near the Bridge it was green and by the Culvert it was clear ish.  Next we tested out the smell and all the parts that we tested all smelt the same. So I thought maybe it is only the colour of the stream is the problem.

The first time we had tested out the Colour Turbidity and the smell it was very DISGUSTING. I hope you will make a Creek or even beach look better just like Omaru Creek.

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