Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fiafia had just ended!!

WOW!! We had waited for a very long time for this night and it was AMAZING!! There were so many people I couldn't even walk through to our sitting spot. There were food stalls and more.

Walking into our changing rooms I started to have Butterflies in my stomach. It was also our last day of the term. It was a terrific day for us. We had prayed so many times so it hadn't rained. But as it went on it still felt PERFECT to me.

And also we weren't able to sit on the ground so we had just had to miss 2 performances. that was boring but still we had our performance and watched a couple of them. Walking onto the stage it was nerve racking everybody yelling out your name and also your own mother or Father coming to give a reward.

it was fun having Fiafia, infact I thought this was the best one ever. FIAFIA 2013 has finished. But being happy can happen every time. Happy 60th Birthday Point England School.


  1. Hi Sela, my what a late post! I think your whanau must be like mine, staying up late to chat about the awesome day we've had with our Fiafia! You are right - I think this is the best Fiafia we've had too! You were absolutely beautiful Sela in your item - you all were. I always love looking at the Tongan dance costumes. There are so many detailed parts to it. Have a well deserved rest now Sela. Enjoy your holidays. See you next term.

    1. Thank you Mrs Tele'a for that lovely comment. I know that was a late post but I just wanted to share our Great Fiafia night to the world. it looked like all the families had a great time. THANK YOU SOM UCH FOR THAT COMMENT.

      yours sincerely

  2. The Fiafia was amazing Sela! You all performed so well last night and looked so beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed our Fiafia and it was wonderful to see all our families and people in this community turn up to support our school. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. That was a lovely post Sela. Your item was fabulous. Did your family take a photo of you dressed up so beautifully?

    Mrs Burt