Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Something Dissappearing

That is so weird that everything that I see suddenly disappears, just like my very own shoes. “ AHH” Thinking in my head. I had always got in big trouble by my Mum in the mornings, while looking everywhere for it. It was one of my FAVORITE shoes ever and only costed $15.50.  Suddenly I ran to the last place I had been with it and it was not there.

My Mum had growled me for this and told me to go to school without any shoes. It was weird really, then when I got to school everybody started to tease me and even I ran home with embarrassment.  As I got home my Mum asked me “ Why are you still here? And by surprise I couldn’t even answer so then I ran up stairs to my room and started crying.

I looked everywhere and I even tried to put up signs if anyone who could find out where it was or where  another pair of it is.  By then I started to sleep and all I could think of was my shoes and how I had always wore it  EVERYWHERE!! The last time I had it was when we had Athletics and how I took it off and left it on the field.

Rushing out of my bed I had just realised that it might have been at the Lost Property. As I got there it wasn’t there so then I ran back home. I started thinking  and by then I had finally looked in my bag and and it was there so then, every thing that had disappeared was just an imagination in my head. I think I wasn’t thinking very well . So  I told my Mum that is was in my bag the whole time, and looking at her face she had a BIG SMILE!!!

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