Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Horror Story of the worst SINGER!! AHHHH!

It was one scary night in the forest while a singing competition was going on .  It was one of those nights where most of the police officers have their brake. Well passing by the bar which had the competition  going on a very powerful police officer dropped by.

And yelled “ this is not  a very amazing Singing Competition without me in it” Everybody looked at him with fear and said “ Oh oooh okay you can be in this competition  unless you don't scare us”  “ Okay” The Police Officer replied back. The police Office was the Last person to sing. Everbody else had a great by then when we go to The Police everybody got scared and closed their eyes.

Everybody thought he would have a great voice but when he had sang the first line everyone started yelling “ BOOOOOO BOOOO BBOOOO” So then the Police got so embarrassed and drove away.

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