Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Netbook Reflection

I am so happy that from week 4 to week 7 that I do not need help from Miss King. I am so happy that Miss King has taught us how to reconnect and disconnect. When we are learning we are copying things to our blog. It is very fun in week 4 to week 5 that I do not need help from Miss King any more. Only when there’s something that I have to reconnect and disconnect. It is fun playing on Cool maths games .com.

It is very fun playing on my netbook because this is my first time having one this is very fun and I am having a good time with my netbook I get to do anything with it but except for going on YouTube, It is very fun Changing our Background’s , this is fun that we use our our little laptop to write and type our writing to our blog and it is also fun get to be having our own blog, having a blog is to show the world what we are doing and show what we have been learning at school.

I like to do lots of interesting thing’s on my netbook because it is fun taking lots and lots of pictures of our selves, a netbook is a little kind of a laptop we call it a netbook because we use the internet so many times that is why.

Miss King is my teacher!

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  1. Sela, I am so proud of all that you have learnt about having a netbook. You are a star with the way that you know exactly what to do and problem solve all sorts of issues. Maybe I need to send you to help the year 8 classes who are still having troubles! :-)
    I am loving how you enjoy blogging from home and sharing your thoughts with us. Try to read over your stories to check that your audience understands everything that you are trying to say - maybe get one of your lovely big sisters to read it with you!
    Keep up this superb work!!!
    Miss King