Friday, March 25, 2011

Assembly Time!!!

Being in assembly is quhite fun because this were PT England all come together and Cooparating
together this what PT England does, sometimes we all Respect the PT England way and we alway's listen to what our teacher say's listening to the teaher is quhite fun listening, listening to your teacher is very Important.

It is fun that when we stand up and sing the National Anthemwords:
God of nations! at Thy feet

In the bonds of love we meet,

Hear our voices, we entreat,

God defend our Free Land.

Guard Pacific's triple star,

From the shafts of strife and war,

Make her praises heard afar,

God defend New Zealand.

For a couple of minuets we had finally done Sports, sports is extremlly great we had to watch a short movie of the racing derby that was a great movie because on the movie that we had watched that I saw said that PT England Wins!!!!

A couple of minuets we had to do Bin It Yeah!!!!, Bin It is a certifacate that when we pick up our rubbish in our bay.

Assembly is always on a friday!!!!

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