Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Story

While the water was shifting the cars were scattering like toys, people were scared that when they heard about the Tsunami they, Didn’t know that they were going to have a Earthquake, When I watching the news I heard that there was a Double disaster that was really really sad for the people that might of died they have would of got to the mountain then they would be safe from the huge damage in Japan I hope that they are all safe. I heard that it was very damaged by a huge tsunami and Earthquake, The village was engulfed by water. The earthquake and was forced of nature, I heard that the magnitude was 8.9 I felt very sad for all the people that past away. I have heard that there were people waiting on top of the hill , waiting for the Tsunami to stop but then the Tsunami just kept on going. I also heard that there was a man that survived when he was in his house when he woke up he was floating in the water.
I heard that they were safe in side of a school hall that is good news but the sad news is that there were people stuck in vans. I hope that they are Safe and Brave I think that they are Brave and Safe I hope that they are Fine and Calm.

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  1. Great writing Sela! I really liked the sentence "The village was engulfed by water". It gave me the picture that the village was swallowed up by the tsunami. Keep up the great writing!

    Love from Miss Lavakula