Monday, March 28, 2011

My Lolly Cake Story

What is New Zealand only lolly?

I have just been on Google search to find out information about lollies , and the link we found was lollie cake, I have just found out about what is the lolly that was made in New Zealand.


This is what information we were looking for. This picture nearly made feel like eating it.
This is the website I had got onto Google then I went to write What is NZ only lolly? Then I found
this information:

1/4 pound butter (4 oz / 100g)
Lolly Cake in New Zealand is a national institution. But first I need to inform you of one small thing if you ever want to make this yourself: It uses a specific biscuit (cookie) and only one sort, to give it it’s very distinctive taste. These biscuits are Griffins “Malt biscuits”. If you are not living in New Zealand or Australia and you want to make real Lolly Cake with the real Lolly Cake flavour then you’d have to order Griffins Malt Biscuits via the internet. The specialty of the Griffins Malt biscuits that the unique flavour cuts the sweetness of the lollies (sweets/candy). It gives a nice balance of flavours that is rather different from anything else you will have ever tasted. Yum! It’s not for nothing that this recipe is such a favourite and can be found as a regular item on every Birthday Party buffet table. NEW ZEALAND LOLLY CAKE 1/4 pound butter (4 oz / 100g)

*Update Jan 7th 2013 (in response to comment below)*
Thank you to KiwiDutch who owns the copyright to this photo and this information I found.

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