Monday, September 10, 2012

Netball Prizegiving 2012

netball prizegiving 2012 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Finally finishing our Netball season with a prize giving, our year 5 team 1 team came first through out all of the whole section 1 year 5’s. Starting off  my morning with getting ready, I quickly got my shoes on and asked my mum to wake up saying " Wake up mum wake up I need to go to school for netball today" I said in a hurry. Quickly getting into the van I looked at the time and it was 8:15 that is the time we had to get there at school. Our prize giving was held at the AMI Netball Courts.

Seeing my friends Jordenne and Asena I noticed that I wasn't late. There came our sports teacher Miss Va'afusuaga. Walking out of the van I quickly said goodbye to my mum. " Hey Jordenne since when have you been here” As I asked Jordenne. She said since 8:00 clock.

Walking into school grounds we got ready to wear our Netball Uniforms. By then our Manager Miss Squires appeared at school, “ YAY” I said to myself. Getting changed into our uniforms more people from our team turned up to school.

We were ready to go. Getting into one of our teacher’s car we drove off to the Netball courts. There it was the prize giving all ready and done.  Walking onto the courts we sat down and listened to the host talking. Waiting to hear them call out the year 5 section 1 we got ready to get our prize. Our prize was a medal, it was so hard and cool.

I would be looking forward to the next prize giving next year!!!  

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  1. Hi Sela,
    I love your story especially when you said 'I would be looking forward to the next prize giving next year!!!' once again great work...bye