Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PES Art Gallery

Walking into the hall, filled with excitement I searched for my little cousin’s art. Looking left then right, I saw Room 7’s art. “Wow!” I yelled,there it was my little cousin’s art. Flowers everywhere it made me so amazed.

Slowly walking to our classes art I looked up and down for my art. “ Aww where is my art” I said to myself. There it was with  big huge tree, a lovely art, the cross that represents me that I go to church and last but not least the Tongan flag that represents my culture Tonga.

Overall the coolest thing that I loved inside the hall was the lights and the music. Looking everywhere Miss King yelled “ Room 13 it’s time to go” Walking to Miss King we walked slow out of the hall.

This was the best Point England Art Gallery that I have been to. These were a variety of styles like Kandinsky, Vincent Van gogh, Jackson Pollock and more.

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