Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Rugby Game Against Viscount

Running across the field, many of us quickly got ready and said our cheers for the start. The whistle goes “ Run on!!” Yelled Miss Vaafusuaga. Kicking the ball to the opposition team Hope quickly chased the ball. Sadly Viscount catches it. Many supporters from our school yelled " GO PT ENGLAND GET A TRY!! Luckily there was a throw in and we got it. 10 points to 5. Again The whistle blows again " YAY!! Yelled Our Team.

Waiting to get on the field lots of us trained quickly. " Come on now!! Yelled Mr Jacobsen. While I ran onto the field I quickly got into my position PROP and waited for the kick off. Watching it go by, my friend Jordenne chased it. Catching the ball we all quickly spreaded out and let her pass it to one of us.

Trying to chase her we watched her get a runaway. The score was 18 10 " Yea! Our team yelled. Walking back to the line we waited for our kicker to kick it in sadly it didn't go in. Last whistle blows for the team that gets the last try and we got it we won!! Running off the field we cheered to our supporters and the opposition team and said " Good game"

That was a great game that we had I cant wait for our next rugby game. Lucky it was the boys turn to play. " Good Luck" We yelled.


  1. This is a nicely written story Sela. Nice rugby game too. Did you hear us all cheering? We all got cold though, so couldn't watch the whole game. I am pleased that you won though - now I don't have to be cross with you! :-)
    Nice work!

  2. Hey Sela,

    I enjoyed reading your story. The way you structured it made it so much easier to read and enjoy at the same time! It was a good win to your team, hopefully the next time you play you play as good as you played on this game. Keep up the great work.