Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Trip To Youthtown Reflection

Entering Youthtown, our class walked quickly and quietly to the little room. Listening to instructions Room 17 , Jordenne, Iron and I quickly grabbed our bags and headed off to the pools. This was one the activities we did.

Walking out of the changing rooms I walked slowly into the pools and started to do tricks.
“Lets play tiggy” Tawara Said.
Swimming out of the lane and into the lane I was in. There was 1 minute left to get changed, I got out and was ready for table tennis and morning tea.

Clay was coming up and my group was so excited. getting into our seats two 

kind women introduced themselves to us. Their names were Sue and Jorja. The thing that I liked about Youthtown was making clay. Making clay was a great activity that we did.

The thing that I was making during clay was a bowl that had a pattern inside of it. Finishing off with gluing the sides of my bowl I got ready to decorate it. “ Finished!! I yelled.
"Okay can you clean the table when you have finished” Said Miss Garden.

Walking out of Youthtown, I said “ Bye”.
So many of us were tired in the bus. Sadly we had to go back to school, but I had fun at Youthtown.  

Do you think that I might come back next time?

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