Friday, March 13, 2015


“ Yaaayyyy” My brother yelled in the morning. Running towards my brother I asked him with a worried face “ What is it? what’s happening?” He replied “ Didn’t you remember were going Rainbows End!” But by then I just remembered. It was on a hot sunny Saturday as my family and I went on a family trip, down to Rainbows End.

I was sooooo excited, I couldn't wait. After all we had to wait till five in the afternoon since the gates opened then. Thinking about all the new rides that have been created and built. The sad thing was my sister, brother and I were only able to go also with my aunty and her children.

I just kept checking the time and calling my aunty to see what time she was going to pick us up. But finally the time had come to 4:00pm my sister, brother and I were getting ready for a fun and exciting night out!! Before we were even getting ready, my sister and I were so frustrated we had to finish of chores we didn't get to finish of during the day. Running around the house cleaning the kitchen and lounge we had finally come to an end.

Everything checked up and ready to leave!! I was relieved that I got chosen to go, since there were only 6 tickets my aunty had bought. Waiting excitingly as my aunty FINALLY drove in towards our driveway. As I yelled “ Tina (My sister) were going now!!!” I quickly ran towards the car and said happily “ Bye mum” Off we went.

As my aunty said it was set up for a family day out, for what she works for and we had an amazing opportunity to go Rainbows End. Driving towards the motorway it started pouring and rough rain started hitting the van. I started hoping the rain would go away. But as we got nearer and nearer, the sun came out again and we were all relieved!!!

We were to roads away from Rainbows End, when we hit Red Light! We had to stop. Looking at the rides excitingly made me want to jump out of the car and run towards the entrance immediately, but that would’ve been stupid.Finally Green light!! Driving towards the car park, my cousins and I were all excited we started screaming with happiness.

Out we went and in the entrance we go. Walking through the entrance gate, we happily ran towards the Rainbows End Mascots and asked if we could take a photo. When they happily replied “ Sure” Our aunt was our photographer for the day “Done” she said.

Staring at the new EXTREME rides got me filled with butterflies. We got hungry, we asked our aunt if we could have our tickets to eat!! Running towards the table, we got to create our very own burgers. Mine had a chicken patty, with sesame buns, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes and Barbecue sauce. It was Deeelicoussss.

We all got to go on different rides but my favourite had to be the Fearfall!! It was quite scary at first but then at the end I wanted to go on it again and again and again!! My little brother was too scared to go on the rides like that, I pretty sure he was  scared of heights!

Just before I went on the Fearfall, I stared at the Stratosfear with fear! It got me worried how it spun round and round in the air!! I asked my aunt if I could go on it she replied “ No you might get to scared to” As I gasped. I even went on all the rides but that one, It would've been my favorite!! To bad we had to go home since it was getting quite late.  

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