Friday, March 20, 2015

Polyfest 2015


   P O L Y F E S T

Finally we arrived, and so far I already was looking forward to the day. First we headed into the entrance and looking around got me filled with excitement. Different food stalls, culture, types of music and even different types of costumes.

On Thursday 19th of March the yr 7 and 8 students had an AMAZING opportunity to visit Polyfest for 2015!! It was also the 40th year since, Polyfest was first invented.

Walking through to our first station, which was ASB introducing themselves, which was quite exciting. We even got to see John Key!! New Zealand's Prime Minister.  There were different stations we were able to attend, but the first my group had went to was learning about Firemen and what they do for a living.

We learnt a lot about different things. Like what fire engines do, how Glowbug could help with your life, and also learning how to create a stress ball with AUT (Auckland University) There were times during the day when we even created flower leis for each other.

After a very looong day, our teacher kindly let us go on a tour around Polyfest. I was looking forward to seeing and also watching the Niuean stage and performances. But suddenly we had to leave. What an amaaaazing day we had.  

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  1. How awesome was Polyfest?! It really was amazing especially meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Keep up the great writing Sela.

    Miss Clark