Monday, July 8, 2013

Parents Interview is Coming Up!! (Tomorrow)

Since the season is nearly ending this is a great time to have our parents interview. Which visiting your teachers and checking if your doing good in school or not. This is also a great chance to hand your Reports to your Parents. I rally hoe that my Report is Good. I would hate to see my marks LOW!!!

Each time we have Parents Interview we get a time Like for an example I would be coming at 4:20pm. Usually we finish school at 12:30pm not at Night During the Day.  Parents Interview is also a great opportunity to get along with your whanau and Teachers. 

I just can't wait to see what I have improved in for my Report. Please say it is GOOD!! Because I really feel worried:( 

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  1. WOW Sela,

    I really like the picture you have drawn. It is so filled with detail. And also i really enjoyed reading your story to it is so filled with power.

    Well Done and Keep Up the Good Work.