Monday, July 1, 2013

Trip to Kelly Tarltons

 Kelly Tarltons was also one of the best things that has happened. Usually kids may think that they are in Antarctica but actually they are not, they are just in a Aquarium with most of Creatures in Antarctica. Well we had been touring around the Aquarium and had found ALOT of things about the Antarctic. We had also been called into a class.

We had found out that we were under the road. That may seem weird right. We had just found out information about 2 types of Penguins which was the Gentoo Penguin and the King Penguin. It was really fun watching it run around and swim. Here are some info that I found out about these Penguins, King Penguins : Habitat: Sub of Antarctic Islands, Foods it eat : small Fish and squid, Size :Second Largest species of penguins at about (11 to 16 kgs) Threats : Leopard Seals, Orca (Killer Whales), and even more.

This is even more information about the Long tailed Stingray. Did you know Long Tailed Stingray have a skinny tail nearly twice the length of their body. Their habitat well they are mostly found in the North Island of New Zealand. We also had seen the most LARGEST Squid of all. We also found some information about Sea Turtles the habitat of the Green Sea turtle is usually found in tropical islands and temperate waters mainly  stay near the Coastline of a island. Did you also know that Kelly Tarltons has been built over 27 years.

Thanks to paige for being partners with me while writing this.

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  1. Good job in sharing your experiences at Kelly Tarlton's Sela. It was very strange knowing that we had spent the whole morning underneath the road. Was very fun looking at the penguins but I think my favourite was seeing the sharks. What was your favourite part?