Monday, March 11, 2013

My Narrative Pirate Story About Me

Everything had started on a wonderful day at sea, where everybody started their wars against us. I had always tried to make  the wars end but it never happened.  Why do these war start?  I asked myself.  Or maybe they  just want to steal our GOLD.

Everybody from different ships had always tried to steal my GOLD but they couldn't even ask kindly. I would always say to them if they could stop the wars first then we would always share with them. But the only reason I wouldn't share was because my Pirate friends tried to be so selfish and kept it all to themselves .

They had always tried to kick me off my ship but my crew was too strong which stopped them. I could have given them my Gold or I would have shared my hoard of Lollipops with them.

It was too dangerous on this ship so I had created a ship on my own that had kind friends, unselfish people and would always have fun. I was the only one on this ship but it was a lot better with no wars and less selfishness.

Why would you think I would call myself Sela the kindest Pirate ever? Well it is because I wanted to be a little bit different from the others, like a bit kinder, ALWAYS had showers and LOVED having fun. What made me behave like this was because I had always watched people on shore having fun times and I wanted to join in. After a while even more people joined me on the ship, and now our ship is called “ THE FRIENDLY SHIP”.    

One of my friends Hannah (MISSY) Had wanted to Start a conversation about what she wanted to be or how she would want to behave. “What would you want to be if you get onto shore?” Missy asked me. “ Well what I really want to be is to become an Actor when I grow up or else become an Professional Blogger” I replied. “ Oh what I really want to be is a Captain for this ship” Missy replied “ Okay its alright you can be it” I squeaked.

As it went on all what we wanted to happen HAPPENED.


  1. Hi Sela,
    You have a really interested story about your pirate.I like your story about your pirate. I like how you added cool sentence beginnings. I also like how you added short and long sentences in to nearly all your story's.

    From Jennifer

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comment there. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you very much for this comment because I haven't had any comments yet. Malo tau lava i he ahoni ( Thank you for the comment see you tommorow)

      yours sincerely Sela