Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saving The Poormans Stream

Saving Poormans Stream

1.  What prompted Mitchell to do something about his nearby stream?
What made him do that was to make the Enviroment better and cleaner.

2. Where was most of the rubbish around the stream?
Near the bushes, behind the trees and in the lake.

3. If this was the case, where would the rubbish around Omaru Creek be?
Around the plants and in the river, in beneath the bushes.

4. Find out who makes and sells the Stream Health Monitoring Assessment Kit and how much it costs.  THIS COMPANY IS CALLED NIWA. who were the company that created this.

5. How does Mitchell know the stream is pretty healthy?
Because he sees sea creatures living inside the lake.

6. Do you think Omaru Creek is healthy? Why?
No. Omaru Creek is not that healthy, because we know that it is one of the most polluted Creeks in Auckland.

7. Is there any information that the SHMAK kit gets that you think we could find out about Omaru Creek? Yes The SHMAK could test out the water and see if it is dirty or not!!!

8. What is an estuary? Find an image of one and copy it in this doc.
9. If you were helping to write a Care Code for Omaru Creek what are 4 guidelines would you suggest. Clean up the rubbish, test the water, put more trees, make it less polluted.

10. Why would you need guidelines for a clean up? So you could get ready before the clean up.

11. What is the focus for World Environment Day in 2013? (you will need to google this)
is Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Food print

12. What do you think we could we do on June 5th? Have our own Environment Day for Omaru Creek.

13. Why was Mitchell disappointed after the clean up? Straight after the clean again Mitchell had to clean even more rubbish from the stream.

14. What does rubbish do to the water and the life around it? It could make it even more polluted.

15. You are going to fill in this venn diagram about the differences and similarities between Poormans Stream and Omaru Creek:
Draw this shape on clean paper and fill it in.
Take a screenshot to post on your blog with an explanation.

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