Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Omaru Creek Sketching

It was a Beautiful Sunny Day at the Omaru Creek. Rooms 17, 18 and 16 walked down to the creek to do some sketching. Different places we went, I went near the Rubbish Catcher and near Elstree Ave. Wind was blowing in my face while sketching the trees in front of me.

It was quite fun working with some friends. Only if I could draw somewhere more easy.  Everywhere I had went near the lake there was Duck Poo, I said to myself “ EWW Duck POO everywhere” But lucky I hadn’t stood on any.

Sketching across the lake I had just noticed a building in front of me it was the Glen Innes Family centre. Where many families in Glen Innes come together. “The water is so dirty and green” I said to my friend. Omaru Creek is the best place to sketch, draw or visit it has great flowers and a great place to walk.  

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