Monday, February 11, 2013

The 1st Day of School!!

WOW!! The 4th of February had came. Waking up very early my stomach was so  sore, I think it was just my nerves. Finally I stepped out of my bed and got ready for school.

Eating my Breakfast I finally got into my shoes and walked to school.Even more nerves came up. But as finally I saw my friends we started to hug and walk to the hall together. New people that I haven’t even seen before have joined our school, mostly New Entrance.

One step into the hall and the 2nd bell rang.  They finally called out my name for being in Room 17. The best part of being in Room 17 was that we got to have 3 teachers. And there were no walls through to Rooms 16 and 18 do you want to know why? Well the teachers thought we were so Amazing they wanted to share all three classrooms.

Thank you Hannah for editing and checking my work for me!! Your writing was AMAZING too!!


  1. Sela, I am excited to be able to be part of your blog. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama USA. I am studying to become a teacher of History. I am commenting on your blog as part of my educational media class EDM310. Our class is a combined class just like yours although we meet at different times. There are about 100 students that one teacher and several assistants instruct. I was nervous as well when I entered this class, because of the new type of learning that my teacher uses. We edit and check each others work in my class too! It is very helpful for other students to help me by seeing errors I make. I think that it is really great that your class is using blogs to learn in school.

    1. Hello Jarrod,
      Thank you for leaving some feedback on my blog post all about the first day of school. I had really enjoyed reading your comment you have so many interesting things at your school. Does your class or school use Blogs for sharing their learning?? What is it like their at your school? I would really enjoy reading your blog.

      From Sela