Tuesday, December 11, 2012


One of the reasons I want to to be an Ambassador is to talk to very important people including teachers around the world. Talking to people is what I like doing!! Learning, Creating and Sharing is what I LOVE to do, mostly sharing my work  with the world. The most amazing thing that I think I like doing is to write and read. Mostly Reading is the top of things I enjoy!

Now its time to tell you about my Learning and Creating. Learning new things this year and last year has been so different, using Netbooks. These past few weeks and terms I have enjoyed making this movie and putting it on my blog. I have created it on IMovie.  

These past few terms we have had Extension, and in Extension we had to make Thai Fish cakes. We learnt a new recipe, then we created it and at the end we shared it with the world!! At school I have learnt so many things!! So many things I say. In our class we have created learnt and shared many movies. This Link is to my movie that me and my group made. We also learnt new skills by making this movie. We created it using IMovie and then Sharing it with the world on our blog and on PENN.

Every Term I always start with a ANIMATION.Well did you know that this term I am finishing off so many things even pictures that need drawing? Here is a link to My Toy Story Animation.

I think being an Ambassador is giving me an opportunity to learn how to speak clearer to others and will help me in the future by teaching me new skills. That is all I really want to be an Ambassador.

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