Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinking Hats

YELLOW HAT: What Did I Enjoy? I enjoyed netball. Because we get to choose our position, My favorite position was center. Because I like to pass the ball to Goal De fence, Goal attack or Wing De fence.

Black Hat:Things I Didn't enjoy. I didn't enjoy AFL. Because every single time I do the hand pass it goes a different way I wanted it to go straight.

White Hat: What did I learn? I learned fractions. Because I know what is a 1/2 , 1/3 , 1/4 also and a 1/5, do you know what's a fraction?

RED HAT: How do you about my term overall? I feel amazing. Because I loved doing sports skills like Netball with Emma and Badminton with Donna.

GREEN HAT: What did I find most interesting? The most Interesting thing was reading, because I just love to read stories on this link Listening to stories.

BLUE HAT: what could I have done better to help my learning? I am going to learn more maths. Because I want to learn more fractions and adding up to the tens and hundreds.

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