Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly

From Immersion Assembly Term 4 2011

Walking towards the school grounds I said to my little brother “ There is an Immersion Assembly” Finally I got to school and all the teachers were in costumes.

While sitting in the hall with the school Mr Burt introduced us to the new topic we are studying and the topic was Outta This World. I just can’t wait to learn more about outta space.

My favourite three items were teams: 2,4 and 5 what were your favourite items? My favourite teacher that dressed up very well was team 5 teachers I love the way they moved their mouths.

Wow!! That was a great start for the term and I hope we learn more!!!!

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  1. Hello Sela! I like how you included in your writing how excited you were before the immersion assembly. It's also great to see you asking questions of the reader - it helps them think about what you are talking about. Good job.