Monday, August 22, 2011



In New Zealand we have different multicultural people,and we have unique things. In New Zealand we have fun sports to do, and people enjoy it. NZ is a very small country now, because millions and millions of years ago New Zealand was connected to to Australia, then NZ broke of Australia and made their own country. New Zealand is an isolated but special country.

Buzzy Bee
Buzzy Bee is New Zealand’s famous toy. And all most every child has a buzzy bee. It was made in a small workshop in the 1930’s in Auckland. Nearly every every New Zealander’s love buzzy bee.


In New Zealand many people wear Jandals in Summer , because its hot. In Australia people call Jandals flip flops. Flip Flops is another way of calling them Jandals. The reason why people wear Jandals is because sneakers are really hot to wear.

I hope you have learnt something new about our amazing country and that you HAVE A GREAT TIME AT THE RUGBY WORLD CUP!!!!! AND GO ALL BLACKS!!!!

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