Friday, March 2, 2012

The School Picnic

Intense sun shone strongly into my face while I watched small children playing happily. My friends and I carefully made clay creations and dipped it them into the sea. Brightly the water was shining into my eyes I noticed that it was warm.

While playing in the sand we made castles. “ This is a very big Castle” I said. Sand filled between my toes, my feet got dirty. Glistening brightly the fine water blew the sand away off my toes.

Accurately sporty Mr Marks threw the ball across my face. “ Wow that was a great throw” I said to my friend. While waiting for my turn to bat, I was fielding. “ You are up” Yelled Mr Marks. There goes the ball far away. Running back and forth my opponents caught the ball.


  1. Hi Sela,
    nice story.
    The school picnic was fun.
    I like your pictures.

    Love from Aldora

  2. Hi Sela ,

    I really like your story about the Picnic it is really awesome I wish I came But I was sick and I had a bad cold .
    My favirout part of the story is when you played with the clay the was reall cool .

    Keep the good work you Sela .
    You rock