Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nebook Reflection

I like to go on my net book because when we get to write and there a mistakes we get to undo it. Another thing was when we are writing we get to share with the world on our blogs.

This year I have really enjoyed having a Netbook to work on because we can do anything like write our writing on a google doc. And also we can check our site to see what we are going to do on our timetable.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked. When we are writing it is always tries to reach Google and it is annoying. When we are trying to connect with Google and it does not connect we have to re connet with Wairehe.

The big difference from pencil and paper last year to this year there a huge differences.One of them are like when we are writing on paper and pen we strugle to rub out with a rubber. Because makes a mess.

The hardest thing is when we are on our Netbooks it is so distracting that we always want to go on games or anything else.The greatest challenge for me was every week on Fridays our class room 13 gets to have free time that means we get to do any thing but not go on youtube or anything else that’s not appropriate. I think that I am not Cyber Smart cause going on our
Netbooks can be distracting.

If the Netbook Scheme failed and I would never give up and still write with pen and paper.I think that would be a very sad thing to do. It would be very different without a Netbook because it is so much easier to write with.

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