Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Movie Awards 2

What were you doing on Sunday 5 pm.? Guess what we were doing on Sunday evening? Some of our school went to the I AM MAKING MOVIES 2 AT THE AUCKLAND MUSEUM!. We all met at school first. I was so excited when I first stepped into the bus and sat with my friends.

The Presenters at the awards were Charlie from What Now and Robyn Malcolm. Our school’s Kapa Haka group were the first performance for the evening. The Pride Of Auckland was a choir that performed also and were the most amazing singers that I have ever heard.

This was my first time entering the I am Making Movies 2011. I enjoyed sitting on the comfortable chairs, me and my best friend Laita were sitting in the front row where there was a beautiful view.

Our movie was entered in the category BEST PRODUCTION we were so excited when our classes movie was shown on the big screen in front of all the other schools, then Charlie from WHAT NOW said “ Time to announce the winner” He called out DON'T FORGET YOUR ROOTS BY ROOM 13 KINGS AT PT ENGLAND” Me and my friend yelled “ Yeahhhhhhhh we won” Our class won a Sony Camera and Music Vouchers.
Robyn Malcolm announced the Supreme Award and called out “Pt England School Our History, Our Heritage” Then I yelled “ “Yeahhhhh our school has won another camera”

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  1. Wow! Sela,

    That story sounds really fun. It makes me want to go back.
    You've done a really good job working on it all by yourself. Keep it up!