Thursday, December 3, 2015

Future Aspiration

Last week on Thursday our yr 7 and 8 team had the privilege to hear from 2 amazing speakers. Which were from Marcus Winter ( The Sand man) and also by  Louis  Gordon- Latty.

We first heard from Andrew Patterson who introduced us to Marcus and Louis. Andrew had quotes that inspired us, and the first he had said was “ Do more of what makes you AWESOME!!” Hearing and listening to what Andrew had to say really inspired me.  After he had spoken we got to hear from Marcus Winter.

It was great to hear how Marcus went from the streets to working in ships and over in Australia. What does he do for a living? Well Marcus Winter is a sand artist. Which he creates art with sand. Marcus started from Otara Markets to working on the streets in the city where he met Andrew Patterson, then went into Ships over in Australia.

He even talked about back in primary, when  he was always the last to finish off handwriting.  but now look where he is.  In the big shows and stadiums performing his very own art.  

It was great to hear that when we grow older more things change. I can’t wait to be a Social Worker when Im older!!

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