Thursday, April 14, 2011

Collage (is a piece of artwork)

While we were sticking together the pieces of the coloured paper we had to design a collage paper that had a picture of our netbook, that said google and the sign of the blogger symbol, so we are making a collage of our netbooks.
We had to use recycled paper to make this artwork. We had created a cardboard paper and had to draw Google and the blogger Symbol.

We had celebrated our netbooks by always using it and having to do everything on it. Logo is our Online learning tools, emblazoned is a piece of artwork that copy from Internet to a paper. Me and my friends at school had done a big job making the collage.

It is so fun making collage of our netbook and the keyboard and mouse, I hope you liked. We had made this piece of artwork for everybody to see our lovely artwork that we had made for this term.

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