Monday, May 25, 2015

Letter to Gustav Guttenbeil

              Dear Gustav Guttenbeil,

Hopefully you could get sent back to Tonga for all that’s wrong that the New  Zealand  Government has done.  Malo E lelei my name is Sela.

I was just reading your letter and thinking about how sad your story was. It is quite terrifying to hear that your father had died. I know how it feels when something wrong has happened when you didn’t do it. Also knowing that were interned wrongly was a great mistake. Why did they do that?  

I do believe that it was a huge mistake as you were interned. Sooner or later the government should notice that you should be in war. Hopefully the government reads your letter and kindly sends you back to Tonga.

Yours sincerely and faithfully Sela.   

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